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CHRIST’S CARE AND CURE MINISTRIES was started on 2nd May 1998 by Pastor M.Mohan Rao after Lords gracious healing of his daughter’s osteomyelitis.
He wants to see this healing and salvation in the lives of poor and needy people in rural areas as well. So He and his wife started this small gathering Mount Zion Fellowship at Krantinagar, Visakhapatnam which is a main Church now and has 300 believers worships the Lord every Sunday. Later CCCM continued preaching gospel and church plantation and built full pledged churches in 23 villages. This is how CCCM is been a blessing to many communities through its several god given ministry facets. We appreciate your loving prayers for CCCM as we work for the Lord in this Sub Continent India.

Pastor M.Mohan Rao
CCCM Founder
Pastor M.Mohan Rao was born in 1958 in an Orthodox Hindu family in Tagarapuvalsa, Visakhapatnam Dt, AP, South India.
He lived as a drug addict and used to be an alcoholic to the core. His association with vicious groups made his life miserable like the prodigal son. The amazing grace of God saved his parents but he continued to be a prodigal. One particular night when he was in a deadly situation he heard the voice of God asking him to give up that wretched sinful life. This is how he had an encounter with God and this confrontation with Christ Jesus transformed his entire life and made him now an incredible servant of God.
God gave him Swarajya Lakshmi, a Godly woman as a wife and now she is behind him in achieving great goals for the Almighty. God blessed them with a beautiful daughter Swaroopa Rani who slept in the Lord.
Crusades And Conferences
CCCM conducts every year several mass evangelical crusades where we see salvation commitments by hundreds of people each time we conduct them. . We have seen amazing healings happening in these events. God performs miracles and confirms the word that is preached through notable signs and miracles each time we have Crusades.
CCCM has a god given strategy to conduct gospel camps very often in several rural and unreached areas where CCCM usually plant a Church and build a Church building later on.
Peace Center
PEACE CENTER is the Facility that CCCM has built in rural area in order to provide Spiritual and humanitarian services to the down trodden communities of surrounded 25 villages of Majjivalasa, Visakhapatnam.
Peace Center has SHALOM ENGLISH MEDIUM HIGH SCHOOL to provide High standard education to the poor and needy children.
Orphan Children Home
CCCM has great burden for orphan children so we run a Children home in Peace Center. We are so happy to see Children are provided with free food and shelter, cloths and good Education by free schooling.
Shalom English Medium High School
CCCM has great privilege of giving free Education through this special project to the poor and needy Children from the several villages of its surrounded area. 350 kids are being benefited with good standard of Education in the English medium of instruction which will be very expensive at corporate schools that are nearby.
Digging Of Bore Wells
CCCM has a burden to give drinking water to the places where there are no proper water facilities. CCCM has been involved with digging of bore wells since many years. May God continue this project so we see people blessed with better drinking water facilities.
Free Medical Camps
CCCM conducts free medical camps at rural and slum areas. We have our patients treated by professional doctors and provided free medication for their medical problems. CCCM also provides free medication to cancer patients and follows up people that suffer with chronic disorders.
Regular Support
CCCM is involved with financial supports on monthly basis to the Pastors, NATIVE missionaries, poor widows and old aged women also.
These people are secure in their welfare through this regular supports. Since it’s hard for them to obtain any financial assistance from the rural communities where they live and work with.
0n 21 st Jan, 2012
CCCM had a great time of celebrating Pastor Mohan Rao's birthday on 21st of Jan. We had village gospel camp as main activity for Pastor's Birthday celebrations. We coulp preach gospel to many unreached people on this day.
Date 12th Feb 2012.
We are praising God for the 4 persons who just got baptized today. Thanking God for the way that he is moving in extending His kingdom  here India.
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Vision:- CCCM currently has a vision to build 100 churches where 23 churches were already built by the grace of God.
Mission:- Is to sharing the gospel to the unreached souls and extending of Christ’s Love, helping hand  to the needy and poor, down trodden society by various humanitarian activities.
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All night prayers

Every 1st Saturday at Mount Zion

Every 2nd Tuesday in the City.

Every 2nd Friday in the CCCM campus.

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