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CCCM has a god given strategy to conduct gospel camps very often in several rural and unreached areas where CCCM usually plant a Church and build a Church building later on.

Crusades and Conferences
CCCM conducts every year several mass evangelical crusades where we see salvation commitments by hundreds of people each time we conduct them. . We have seen amazing healings happening in these events. God performs miracles and confirms the word that is preached through notable signs and miracles each time we have Crusades. Young people were filled by the Holy Spirit and giving their lives to god as they leave their sinful wretched situations. Drug addicts delivered and demon possessed people were being liberated. CCCM would like to give all glory and honor to God alone for all these wonders.
 CCCM conferences are arranged daytime along with evening crusades we mentioned above.  These Leaders Conferences are to encourage and equip pastors and leaders that are coworkers in the Fathers vineyard.  They are reignited in their ministry vision and call to carry the Gospel.

Peace Center
PEACE CENTER is the Facility that CCCM has built in rural area in order to provide Spiritual and humanitarian services to the down trodden communities of surrounded 25 villages of Majjivalasa, Visakhapatnam.
After long prayers and waiting up on God with fasting, God started to move in amazing way  from acquiring land and to the  constructed facility that we have now.  Pastor M.Mohan Rao named this facility as PEACE CENTER.
 Peace Center has SHALOM ENGLISH MEDIUM HIGH SCHOOL to provide High standard education to the poor and needy children.
Medical Dispensary is to provide primary Medical aid to the surrounded rural areas with its free ambulance services.
 Peace Center has been serving the rural society by its activities such as Children home, Old aged home, Church ministry as well.

Orphan Children Home
CCCM has great burden for orphan children so we run a Children home in Peace Center. We are so happy to see Children are provided with free food and shelter, cloths and good Education by free schooling.

Shalom English Medium High School
CCCM has great privilege of giving free Education through this special project to the poor and needy Children from the several villages of its surrounded area. 350 kids are being benefited with good standard of Education in the English medium of instruction which will be very expensive at corporate schools that are nearby.  By God’s grace Shalom English medium school has been upgraded as High School from the year of 2011. Children are so blessed to have trained teachers and instructors who equips them in Education and moral values as well.

Medical Camps
CCCM conducts free medical camps at rural and slum areas. We have our patients treated by professional doctors and provided free medication for their medical problems. CCCM also provides free medication to cancer patients and follows up people that suffer with chronic disorders.

Disciple Training Center
CCCM has a great burden to equip Pastors and Evangelists, after so much prayer and fasting God opened a door to launch CCCM Disciple Training Center. So far we are able to see few batches graduated from this Bible school. CCCM has a special program to teach the word of God and equip Pastors and Leaders to carry their call on their lives in serving God to teach others with deeper knowledge and wisdom.
After completion of their courses each individual will be awarded a Diploma on their graduation ceremony.  Disciple Training Center is absolutely free for the People that has burden to serve the Lord through their Lives. And needed pastors will be supported by CCCM financially and spiritually as they work in the rural un reached villages.

Digging of Bore Wells
CCCM has a burden to give drinking water to the places where there are no proper water facilities. CCCM has been involved with digging of bore wells since many years. May God continue this project so we see people blessed with better drinking water facilities.

Regular Support
CCCM is involved with financial supports on monthly basis to the Pastors, NATIVE missionaries, poor widows and old aged women also.
These people are secure in their welfare through this regular supports. Since it’s hard for them to obtain any financial assistance from the rural communities where they live and work with.
Old aged and poor widows are looked after by CCCM and they spend time in prayers as they are happily covered by CCCM.

Humanitarian Work
CCCM distributes cloths to poor people in the rural villages and slum areas.
Giving Drinking water by digging of bore wells where there is no water for the poor.
Free Education to the poor and needy Children
 Orphan Children Home to serve Orphans and poor children
Free Medical Camps to bring health awareness in the rural and slum communities.
Free Ambulance facility

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